Demons don’t die easily. Whereas we, we remained all too mortal…

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I’ve heard the word “fear’”. I simply choose to believe it doesn’t apply to me.

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Clary Fray + hair

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"It was a set up. An ambush. I barely survived."' Luke tells the truth about Valentine' deleted scene

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clary fray + faceless

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city of bones meme
[1/4] scenes //
 "see? you are pretty!"

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I’m not an angel, Jace,” she repeated. “I don’t return library books. I steal illegal music off the internet. I lie to my mom. I am completely ordinary.

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The dreams held her, one after the other, a river of images that bore her along like a leaf tossed in a current… Isabelle sitting naked with her whip curled around her like a net of gold rings.

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